Laurence Maurice "Buck" Clark, Flight Officer

Royal Canadian Air Force

    RCAF Pilot's Flying Log Books were not actually kept by the pilot himself. They were kept by a squadron clerk who made daily entries based on paperwork submitted by the pilot. The pilot himself signed his log book certifying accuracy and the squadron clerk then passed the logs on for review and sign off by the squadron commander.

    The following pages are Buck's log of flying for the Royal Canadian Air Force starting with the front cover, inside front pages, log pages, and inside back cover. The log entries span a double page width. Unfortunately, my scanning equipment would not quite capture the entire double page in one scan. Three columns at the right most edge of the form were cut off. They are headed "Instr/Cloud Flying", "Dual" and "Pilot", and "Link Trainer." The columns record the cumulative total time in each category. I have chosen not to go to the trouble of scanning the part missed and editing it onto these pages. Besides the flying log pages there were also some pages that were "paste ins" often half size pages printed or typed. These were reproduced as well.

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Pilot's Flying Log Book

Inside Cover 1

Inside Cover 2


Log 1

Log 2

Log 3

Log 4

Log 5

Log 6

Log 7

Log 8

Log 9

Log 10

Log 11

Log 12

Log 13

Log 14

Log 15

Log 16

Log 17

Log 18

Log 19

Log 20

Log 21

Log 22

Log 23

Log 24

Log 25

Log 26

Log 27

Log 28

Log 29

Log Inside Back 1

Log Inside Back 2